Payout limit lowered2015-05-26

We have lowered the minimum payout amount to 10000 satoshi!


Rewards has changed. Now you can claim 300 - 1200 satoshi every hour.

Payout limit lowered again!2015-03-03

We have set the minimum standard-payout amount to 20,000 satoshi. Instant payout still has limit of 30,000 satoshi.

Payout limit2015-01-29

We have lowered the minimum payout amount to 30,000 satoshi.

New payout option2015-01-22

Now available! From now on you can request delayed payment with lower fee. Grouped payments should be sent in next 48 hours and the fee is only 400 satoshi! Enjoy!

Timer change2015-01-19

We have temporary reduced time between claims to 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Temporary reward added2015-01-13

Due to low Bitcoin price we have decided to add temporary 1000 satoshi reward. Get as much as you can because it can disappear at any moment!


From now on you can claim 200 - 600 satoshi per hour!

Referrals info2014-11-30

Now you can check how many referrals you got, right below balance information.

Rewards increased2014-11-25

We have removed 100 satoshi from possible rewards so now you can claim ~350 satoshi!

1000th User2014-11-22

We have another winner! User with address 1A2vyGcYJzPWoAHcvrM5b8QUuGZh9Lk*** won bonus of 10,000 satoshi.

First winner2014-11-17

And we have first winner! 500th User with address 12SfSV2esuWWSTEudyAturDZLfrdpuS*** won bonus of 10,000 satoshi.


We would like to announce little competition. Our 500th and 1000th users will receive bonus of 10,000 satoshi! Amount will be added shortly after registration in our database.

Rewards changed2014-11-17

We have increased rewards. Now you can win up to 500 satoshi / every hour!

Payout limit lowered2014-11-16

We have lowered minimum payout amount from 50,000 to 40,000 satoshi.


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